Endermologie is an innovative treatment which exercises the connective tissue of the entire body with particular emphasis on key areas. Combining motorised rollers with suction, the procedure stimulates metabolism by breaking down fibrosis in areas of stubborn fat, and is a scientifically proven method used by celebrities as a non-surgical approach to cellulite.

Endermologie in the Brunswick, Moonee Ponds and Ascot Vale Area

Treatment is applied using the Cellu M6 Keymodule, a non-invasive device that is the only one of its kind in the world; by assisting with lymphatic drainage, it helps remove the build-up of toxins and fluid retention. The treatment is also used to reduce the appearance of cellulite; contour the body; boost general wellbeing; and achieves an overall improvement in skin tone by promoting production of elastin and collagen.

Treatment will usually be applied once or twice a week for a total of 6-20 treatments in a course followed by maintenance treatments once every 1-2 months. Each session typically lasts around half an hour and treats the whole body with a focus on three target areas.

Some plastic and cosmetic surgeons have been using endermologie alongside liposuction for more pronounced effects, quicker recovery and a smoother result. In this case, it is usually used both before and after the liposuction process.

Does endermologie really work?

This treatment has become an international sensation with more than 110,000 treatments performed per day in more than 95 countries around the world. Backed up by over 500 clinical studies and an impressive 82 published and peer-reviewed studies, it is your best weapon against cellulite and avoids the need to go under the knife. Our beauty clinic offers endermologie to residents of Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Brunswick and beyond, so book your appointment and take the first step to real results!

How long before I see any results?

Just like other forms of treatment driven by results, multiple sessions of endermologie are necessary for the best outcome. The length and frequency of treatment varies greatly depending on a number of factors, including your age, lifestyle, body shape, medical conditions, cellulite grade, cellulite type and more. It will also depend on the goals you have set in a consultation with your certified endermologie therapist.

Is the treatment painful?

On the contrary, the process is highly relaxing thanks to the non-invasive application of the treatment. On top of that, a body stocking is used to improve hygiene so you can sit back and relax as your experience clinician takes care of the rest.

Why should I choose this over other treatments?

The way endermologie is applied — using patented synchronisation of controlled suction and mechanical rollers — is the most fundamental difference it has to other forms of treatment. The independently motorised rollers sit parallel within the chamber and can perform three different motions: Roll’In for slimming, Roll’Up for contouring and Roll’Out for firming. The use of suction is regulated by computerised valves and helps the rollers provide a deep treatment by gripping the skin.

How do you feel about your cellulite?

"I don't worry about it my therapist does!"

There are five major outcomes of endermologie

  1. Fluid movement — circulates fluids within the cells to remove fat deposits, water retention and bloating.
  2. Internal scar tissue reduction — targets the fats that form cellulite by breaking down internal scarring responsible for trapping fluids.
  3. Improved micro-circulation — increases detoxification and delivery of nutrients and oxygen around the body by assisting fluid exchange within the capillaries and moving it back into the lymphatic and vascular systems.
  4. Fibroblast stimulation — fibroblasts are the building blocks of connective tissue and help produce elastin and collagen when stimulated. This helps to reduce the signs of ageing.
  5. Lipolysis — Extracts fatty acids from cells and recirculates them around the body to help metabolism

Important notes for pre and post-treatment

  • A special body suit, which can be bought or hired from the clinic, is required to be worn during the treatment. This offers efficiency, hygiene and modesty during the session.
  • If you purchase a body suit, wash it inside a pantyhose bag and be gentle with the fabric to avoid formation of ladders.
  • Remember to bring the body suit each time you visit to avoid the cost of rental.
  • Drink plenty of water both before and after the treatment (8-12 glasses is considered optimal).
  • Consume a balanced diet with plenty of meat, fruit and vegetables.
  • You may experience nausea just after treatment in the early stages of the course due to the toxins that are unsettled and pushed back through your body.
  • Please do not smoke before or after treatment. If you are a smoker, wait as long as possible before your first cigarette post-treatment.
  • Medications, drugs and alcohol must not be ingested on the same day as treatment. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your therapist and be honest to get the best possible care.
  • It is vital that you exercise within 4-6 hours of treatment to raise your heart rate and burn energy. This prevents fats from resettling in your body and reversing the effects of endermologie.
  • Heating treatments such as laser, pulsed light and others should not be used on the same day of treatment (on target areas)
  • Inform your therapist of any changes to your medication or medical history while you are undergoing treatment
  • A fee is charged for appointment cancellations

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Important considerations

Endermologie, along with our other treatments, works best when used in conjunction with effective lifestyle management. Please follow our guidelines to get the best possible results — otherwise, you may jeopardise the effectiveness of the treatment. We consider the result to be:

  • 70% attributed to your management of exercise, hydration, diet and lifestyle
  • 5% to your age (older patients tend to uptake treatment more slowly) and overall health (e.g. medication, polocystic ovaries)
  • 25% to the skill of your therapist in conducting the procedure

Understanding the relationship between the treatment and external factors is incredibly important if you want to get the most out of endermologie, lipomassage and our other treatments. Note that post-treatment appointments will be required as a less frequent rate to help keep the body in a similar condition.