Ultrasound fat cavitation of the body is a treatment offered at our clinic. The fat cavitation treatment is based on a safe ultrasound stimulation with small and large probes at the specific 1MHZ and 40KHz on the deeper visceral fats, which enables a local release of lipolytic hormone.

This is lipolysis, the natural process by which our fat reserves (from our fat cells) are transformed into energy to be used up by our body (muscles, cells) generally in the form of exercise within 6 hours of treatment.

This cavitation ultrasound procedure is suitable for small areas, such as arms around bra strap and muffin tops areas, or larger areas of the body, such as inner, outer front or back of thighs, tummy and buttocks. It is recommended to undertake 6-10 treatments spaced one per week to initially complete the course of treatments.

Apart from physical exercise and healthier nutritional choices, no other solution has been proven as effective to activate the natural way to lose fat; LIPOLYSIS. Lipolysis is the natural process that involves our fat reserves being transformed into energy and being used by our body.


Clients can expect local fat loss as the natural slimming process occurs. The ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment technique has proved very effective on any kind of fat; this includes visceral fats (intra-abdominal fats).


Yes, ultrasound stimulation bypasses our central nervous system (which controls the release of noradrenaline), hence no fat rebound effect is observed.


Approximately 30 minutes during which ultrasound gel is applied on targeted areas. The probe is then guided over the targeted area transmitting low level ultrasonic waves, which then sends impulses to the target area which travel in a circular motion. This motion then causes micro-bubbles which, in turn, start to collide and implode. Shock waves then cause the emulsification of fat cells. After the ultrasound treatment, released energy must be consumed with light aerobic exercise or any substitute effective at burning calories. According to individual targets, it is recommended to do a course of 6-10 treatments spaced a week a part.

1) Fat cavitation ultrasound stimulation

2) Local Noradrenaline Release

3) Lipolysis activation

4) Release of Free Fatty Acids and Glycerol (breakdown of fat) in blood stream

5) Energy consumption

6) Local and long lasting slimming effect

(subcutaneous and visceral fats)



Radio Frequency or RF is the localised heating of a specific area. This treatment has been in the medical industry for 30 years. It was quite an uncomfortable treatment in the past due to it being in the forms of mono polar and bi polar. The new TRIPOLLAR is like the sensation of a warm massage. This treatment has fairly immediate results with no downtime. The tissue is heated to a certain temperature that is constantly gauged by the therapist with the result being increased fibroblast cells thus tightening the skin and causing lipolysis (which is the fat cells being heated to drop excess liquid fat out of the localised area). Circumference loss, good skin texture, increased firmness and laxity are the positive results of this exciting and innovative new technology.

Fat cavitation is an ultrasound stimulation procedure with a small probe or large probe which is guided over the target area. Fat cells are excited to the point of collision and emulsification This in turn creates lipolysis activation. This then releases free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol (breakdown of fat) in blood stream for easier energy consumption of subcutaneous and visceral fats, thus aiding a local and longer lasting slimming effect. The broken down fats are then expelled by way of the lymphatic and urinary systems. 


It is really important to be well hydrated both before and after ultrasonic fat cavitation, so please drink plenty of water. Clients should be drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day normally.

Eat a moderate diet, obviously the more fresh fruit, vegetables and meat the better.

Clients may sometimes experience nausea in the initial stages of treatment as toxins have been pushed around the body.

Do not smoke. If you do, please ensure that you push your next cigarette time after treatment out gradually post treatment

Medications, drugs and alcohol should not be consumed on the day of treatment. It is important to check with your therapist about your medications and be honest.

Please note it is of utmost importance that you get your individual heart rate up by exercising within 4–6 hours after fat cavitation and RF treatments as you want to use up the energy so fats do not resettle back in your system.    

NO heating treatments are to be done on the day of procedure such as laser or pulsed light treatments in the local area.

Keep your therapist updated with any changed health issues, new medications or reactions as you continue with your treatments.

Choose appointments wisely as cancellation fees will strictly apply.

Fat Cavitation Ultrasound and RF can be used in a program together.

Ensure with Fat Cavitation Ultrasound you have good hydration pre and post treatment.


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These treatments are a helpmate along with your lifestyle changes and management.

If you are not undertaking what is asked of you then please do not expect good results. You will only get what you put into this. That is life.

70% is up to you regarding your diet, water, lifestyle and exercise.

5% is all about your general health (eg. polycystic ovaries, medications) and age (the older you are the slower the uptake of treatment)

25% is up to your therapist to do your treatments well.

Much of the result will vary dependant on individual age, fitness level, lifestyle, vices, medical profile and occupation. Also take into account there will be a certain amount of maintenance due to the body being dynamic or changing rather than static.